Drama for 18 months to 5 years? Seriously? But wait, are they learning lines like little Laurence Oliviers? Or are they hitting their marks like miniature Meryl Streeps?

People often scratch their heads, wondering how we spin drama magic with such little ones. When they ask, we say, ‘Think of Diddi Drama as a wild ride into the wonderful world of make-believe, with a side of catchy tunes, a wealth of props and plenty of opportunities to show your moves. It’s all about boosting confidence, sparking creativity, and letting imaginations soar!’

Each week at Diddi Drama, we dive into a new theme by utilising props, music, movement and imaginative play to follow a story and play pretend.

We’re utterly head over heels about the power of play. It’s amazing to see how much the Diddi Drama Stars can learn just by pretending. They may never have been to a dentist but if they have played pretend and know what a dentist does because of play, then going to a dentist isn’t so scary.

So, no, we’re not out to create Diddi Olivier winners or West End stars darling. We’re all about using drama to nurture curious, creative, and confident Diddi humans. To make that happen, we run action-packed toddler and parent classes, pop into nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools, and throw super fun, custom-made parties for birthdays and every special occasion in between.



I am Sarah! The heart and soul of my diddi business, Diddi Drama. Yup, you heard that right – I’m a bona fide business owner. A sentence I never thought I would say! I still can’t believe I own a business.

I always imagined myself as a teacher, and for ten amazing years, that’s exactly what I was. But then, my little bundle of joy arrived, and my world got a delightful shake-up!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved being a drama teacher. But my new role as a mum needed me to find a gig that came with a bit more flexibility, especially as I was doing a rather large commute to work. Let’s be honest, 100 miles of commuting every day isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. But could I give up my love for drama and teaching? No way. My brain was in a tizzy, trying to figure out how to marry the two.

After trying out a bunch of different classes with my little one and having a blast, a light bulb went off in my head. Why not steer my own ship? Why not create a drama class for Diddi ones full of imagination, role play, movement, and music? And guess what, that’s exactly what I did! The business name, Diddi Drama, was inspired by my little girl’s word for her dummy – also known at the time as her ‘diddi’. And voilà, Diddi Drama was born!

Fast forward to now, and since September 2018, I’ve been living, breathing, and absolutely loving Diddi Drama. I’m so grateful to every wonderful soul who’s helped my Diddi business grow into what it is today – toddler and parent classes, visits in Early Years settings, and epic parties. And the best part? I wouldn’t trade this life for anything!