Franchise Opportunities: Children’s Drama Class

🎭Join the Diddi Drama family and be a grown-up Diddi Drama Star –  Eeeekkkkkk!🎭

Have you ever seen how a child’s face lights up during make-believe play? At Diddi Drama, we’re all about letting diddi imaginations run wild, helping children from 18 months to 5 years become the stars of their own stories. It’s not just about the giggles and wiggles – we’re building confidence and important life skills too!

Parents in Chester have already fallen head over heels for Diddi Drama, and the diddi ones? Well, they can’t wait to jump into their next adventure with us! Now, how about a plot twist? What if you (yes, we’re talking to you!) bring the Diddi Drama magic to more communities.

Fancy running your own business, around your own schedule, and having a ton of fun while you’re at it? Maybe you are ready for your spotlight moment? Become a ‘Grown Up a Diddi Drama Star’ by being part of our growing network of successful Diddi Drama franchisees!


🎭Who’s Perfect for the Diddi Drama Ensemble?🎭

You, of course! If you’ve got a flair for drama and a passion for inspiring the young stars, we’d love to hear from you. Experience with children would be beneficial, whether that is as a parent or a teacher.


🎭How to Step onto the Stage🎭

  • Break the Ice: Drop your details into our franchise enquiry form below, and we’ll send you a Franchise Prospectus where you can find out more.
  • A Dramatic Dialogue: If you like what you see in the prospectus, we can arrange to meet and chat. We’ll give you all the backstage secrets of running a Diddi Drama franchise and answer any burning questions you may have.
  • A Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain: Join us for a discovery day and see how we work our magic to inspire our Diddi Drama Stars.
  • Take the Stage: If we make a great duo, we’ll guide you through your next steps to start your own Diddi Drama business. Before you know it, you will be pretending to be a monkey with a room full of Diddi Drama Stars.


🎭Why Take a Leap onto the Diddi Drama Stage?🎭

  • A Script for Success: We’ve got a vast amount of lesson plans that have proven their worth time and time again. You will get everything that you need to deliver a standing ovation-worthy class.
  • Curtain-Up on Training: Fear not, we won’t leave you waiting in the wings. We’ll provide all the training and ongoing support to help your classes shine! The training will cover all things behind the scenes too, covering all elements of building your own business.
  • Your Name in Lights: With our spotlight-stealing marketing strategies, your Diddi Drama franchise will be the talk of the town.
  • Encore for Work-Life Balance: Managing a Diddi Drama franchise means you call the shots. Enjoy a harmonious work-life balance that fits around your life. You get to pick the hours.
  • Take a Bow as the Star of Your Own Show: With Diddi Drama, you get to be your own boss – and get paid for doing something you absolutely adore! Imagine, turning your passion for drama and children’s development into a thriving business. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?



🎭Ready to Take Your Bow? Let’s Get Talking!🎭

Keen to learn more about our franchise opportunities? Drop us a line at or fill out our contact form below. Let’s create some show-stopping classes together!