Ahoy There ye Diddi Drama Stars: It is Pirate Week
Shiver me timbers it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Did you know there was an International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well… there is! And it is today. Every September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which started in America in 1995 when a group of men playing sport started shouting pirate themed encouragement to each other. It is so crazy – I love it! From there it blossomed, and has now given me the inspiration for this week’s Diddi Drama class.
Whilst we have been scrubbing the decks, climbing the rigging and sailing the seas in our sessions, here at Diddi Drama HQ we have been digging for treasure and have found it in the form of these fabulous ideas for Pirate themed activities you can do at home.

Ideas for Pirate Themed Activities – Oo Arrr

Diddi Drama’s Pete the Pirate Parrot Keepsake:

Create a keep sake Pete the Pirate Parrot by turning your Diddi Drama Star’s handprint into a parrot. Paint their hand red, place it down to make parrot feathers. Cut the body out of coloured paper and then draw on a beak and eyes. You could be even more adventurous by sticking on some feathers and glitter once it has dried.

Diddi Drama’s Dig For Buried Treasure:
Fill a tub or tray with either wet or dry sand, you could even mix in some rice for varied texture and then bury your little one’s favourite toys in it. Almost anything will work, the picture is an excellent pirate themed version however I buried blocks and pretended they were gemstones. ‘A’ and I then built a boat shape with the bricks so it looked like a pirate ship. It was great fun.
I would love to see some pictures of your Keepsake Parrots and Buried Treasure Trays on the Facebook page. Whilst you are there, if you haven’t seen it yet, keep your eye out of this week’s video of me dancing to The Pirate Song – When I was One.
See you soon.
Sarah x